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Valiant Dvd

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TitlesContentsAuthorsBy Leandro Levesque Chan onJune 22, 2011A traditional Syrian wedding portrays an atmosphere of adventure and frolic. The wedding starts a night before usually on Friday and small party known as 'khyapta d khitna 'or shower of the groom is held in the groom's house. The closest relatives are invited, music is played and food and drinks are served.

The groom's best man carries the groom to the bathroom to get the last shower. But traditionally, a small boy known as ring boy must be showered before the groom. Bride is not invited on this celebration She is allowed to take a complete rest.

She cannot see her prospective partner the day before the marriage. After the young boy and the groom have been showered, the music, dance, drinks and food serving continues until the late hours.On the wedding day which is often Saturday, groom's family prepares to go to the bride's house.

As the groom's family is preparing, the moments of joy are captured by the wedding photographer. The groom attires in his best outfit. When the entire family is ready, music and dance enlighten the whole environment.

The groom and his ushers go to the church and wait for the arrival of the bride. In the bride's house, the enthusiasm continues. In the early morning, bride and her maids dress up in their beautiful attires.

Jewels and makeup are worn. The bride and her maids fix their hair. Amazingg pictures are captured by the photographer Bride and her family members give wonderful poses on the occasion The groom's family arrives at the bride's house.

Singing songs is a common ritual when bride is about to leave for church. Normally, one member of the bride's family will stand by the door. They wouldn't let the bride leave unless someone from the groom's family pays the amount they asked for.

After much shouting, a bargain is sought. Amount is paid to the girls and bride is taken off to the church. In church, her father, brother or uncle accompanies her towards the isle.

She is given to the groom. Then ring ceremony follows. Rings are exchanged between bride and the groom.

Flowers are showered on the couple. The couple takes wedding vows. Wedding reception follow after this ceremony.

Rate this ArticleLeandro Levesque Chan has published 1 post. Article submitted onJune 22, 2011 Word count: 397Written by: Dr JamiWritten by: Karine HartWritten by: R BruceWritten by: Sam BarnesPost a Comment on this ArticleNote: We read and moderate all comments before they visible on article page. Your email address will not be published.

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Desription and Feature for Valiant Dvd

The world is looking for a hero and it's up to a little pigeon named Valiant to step up and bravely serve his country! From Disney.

  • Run time approximately 76 minutes
  • Rated G

Size Neck Chest Arm


12.3-12.8 30.3-31.3 29.3


12.5-12.9 31.5-32.5 30.5


12.2-12.5 33.2-35.2 31.2


12.1-12.6 31.1-34.1 28.1

M Tall

11.2-11.5 29.2-32.2 26.2


11.3-11.7 28.3-29.3 27.3

L Tall

12.1-12.4 31.1-34.1 28.1


12.1-12.5 32.1-35.1 29.1

XL Tall

12-12.5 33-34 32


12-12.4 29-32 26


12.4-12.7 31.4-32.4 30.4

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    For the purchase Valiant Dvd you can't go wrong. It is nice and well designed.

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